Conditions Treated


Experiencing recurring headaches or sudden, acute bouts of head pain? By openly discussing all your symptoms with our doctors, we can comprehensively address your concerns and offer non-medication treatment alternatives aimed at treating your body holistically. Trust our expertise to help alleviate your discomfort and enhance your overall well-being.

Knee Pain

At Tarpon Spine Center, we offer cutting-edge treatment options, including Physical Therapy, aimed at alleviating joint swelling and pain associated with arthritis and injuries. Additionally, our services extend to cold laser therapy, which effectively reduces inflammation while offering various other therapeutic benefits. Trust our comprehensive approach to help you manage discomfort and promote your overall well-being.

Back Pain and Neck Pain

Providing our patients with Chiropractic Care, Spinal Decompression, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Bracing, Nutritional Advice to ensure that your recovery is fast and effective.

Athletic Injuries

Our doctors work with the area schools, athletic departments and coaches and are accustomed to handling many sports related injuries. If you are suffering with any of the following complaints we can help.


With full X-ray services, Physical Therapy, Spinal Rehabilitation,  and Chiropractic Care, we will have you back in action fast!

Auto Accident Injuries – Work Injuries – Slip and Fall Injuries

Accidents can occur unexpectedly, causing significant disruptions in your life. With over two decades of expertise in treating and documenting accident-related injuries, our team of Chiropractors is dedicated to expediting your recovery process. It’s crucial to remember that you have a limited window of 14 days to seek medical attention following a car accident, or you may risk losing all your no-fault benefits. Inquire about our convenient same-day appointments to ensure timely care and support on your path to healing. Trust in our commitment to your well-being during these challenging times.

Other Conditions Treated

Vertigo and Balance Disorders

These conditions aren’t just bothersome; they can also pose significant risks. Dizziness or loss of balance often leads to falls, causing discomfort and potential harm. Through postural rehabilitation and vestibular training, targeting the balance-controlling part of your brain, you can mitigate dizziness and enhance overall balance. Trust in our specialized techniques to help you regain stability and minimize the risks associated with these conditions.

Plantar Fascitis

Plantar ligament or fascia inflammation can lead to intense foot discomfort. This type of injury is frequently observed in athletes due to overuse. However, inadequate foot arch support and improper mechanics can also contribute to this condition. If you’re experiencing severe foot pain, it’s essential to address these underlying causes to facilitate effective treatment and recovery. Trust our expertise to help you alleviate discomfort and enhance foot health.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Experiencing numbness, pain, or “shock-like” sensations in your hands and fingers could indicate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition arises when nerves responsible for hand and finger sensation become trapped and compressed, leading to such symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome commonly emerges from hand overuse activities like computer work (typing and mouse usage) or repetitive tasks in occupations such as hair cutting or manual labor. Additionally, it can result from car accidents, especially if the hands are compressed against the steering wheel upon impact. If you’re encountering these symptoms, it’s crucial to address them promptly to prevent further discomfort and complications. Trust our expertise to help you find relief and improve hand functionality.

Leg pain / Numbness- Sciatica

When nerves originating from the lower back undergo compression or irritation, symptoms of sciatica may manifest. It’s common for patients to experience pain and/or numbness in the legs and feet without lower back complaints. Our doctors specialize in diagnosing and treating this condition, having successfully assisted thousands of patients in reclaiming a pain-free life. Trust our expertise to alleviate your discomfort and restore your mobility.

Arm Pain / Numbness

If nerves originating from the neck encounter compression or irritation, it can lead to pain or numbness in the arms and hands. This compression often arises from spinal misalignment, joint swelling, or disc damage. A concise examination along with simple orthopedic tests can help identify the underlying cause of your discomfort. Trust our expertise to diagnose and address the root of your pain, allowing you to regain comfort and functionality in your arms and hands.

Disc Conditions- Bulges / Herniations

Through the application of spinal decompression and traction techniques, our practitioners have effectively addressed numerous cases of disc bulges and herniations. These treatments alleviate pressure on compressed nerves, resulting in decreased back or neck pain and alleviating pain or numbness extending into the affected arm or leg. Trust our expertise to provide relief and promote your overall well-being.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis refers to the degenerative narrowing of the spinal canal, which exerts pressure on the nerves and spinal cord as they exit. This pressure leads to pain and symptoms in areas supplied by these nerves, such as the arms or legs. Through a combination of Physical Therapy and decompression treatment, we can frequently offer patients relief from these symptoms. Trust our expertise to help alleviate discomfort and enhance your overall well-being.


As we age, joint deterioration becomes more common, leading to increased “wear and tear” on the joint surface and resulting in pain, swelling, and reduced mobility. At Tarpon Spine Center, we provide a range of treatment options aimed at alleviating arthritis-related pain and swelling. Our focus shifts to strengthening the joint, bolstering its support through surrounding muscles, and enabling you to resume activities you once enjoyed. Trust our expertise to help you regain mobility and enhance your quality of life.


Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread muscle and joint pain that can significantly impact daily life. At Tarpon Spine Center, we recognize the challenges posed by this condition and offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment options. Our assessment of Fibromyalgia includes examining key areas such as joints, muscles, and diet. Certain food ingredients can trigger flare-ups of Fibromyalgia symptoms, making dietary changes an essential aspect of management. Patients often respond positively to a combination of dietary adjustments, Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy. Trust our expertise to help alleviate your Fibromyalgia symptoms and improve your overall well-being.

Joint Pain

At Tarpon Spine Center, our team of Chiropractors excels in diagnosing and treating various joint injuries and complaints. We provide convenient on-site digital X-ray services, along with comprehensive offerings such as Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Spinal Rehabilitation, and Nutritional Services. With access to these comprehensive services, we’re confident in our ability to help you enhance your mobility and overall well-being. Trust our expertise to help you move better and achieve optimal health.