Our Team

Welcome to Tarpon Spine Center offering personalized Chiropractic Care to benefit YOU, the patient.  Every new patient is seen and evaluated by one of our chiropractic physicians.   They will then take a detailed history, perform a thorough chiropractic exam, prescribe x-rays and testing (if needed), and then review your care plan to make the best recommendations for your care in our office. The results of your exam and testing will be explained to you in a detailed and caring setting to ensure you to fully understand what we are recommending and why.  Our doctors have an ‘open door” policy, where we want you to know your questions are important and we are always available to answer them for you.  We pride ourselves on offering a warm and friendly environment where we treat our patients like family.

  • Success Stories


    “It’s like coming to a one stop shop. They really do just about anything here.  There is so much that they offer that you really don’t have to go anywhere else.”

  • Success Stories


    “It’s Excellent because they all communicate very well with each other, they all know what the other one is thinking and what’s going on and you’re in and out in 45 minutes without having to go to 5 different places.”

  • Success Stories


    “They open up their business well after business hours, they staff it, they fund it and they give the money back to us.  We have been very fortunate,  because as you know in public education it is hard to generate a lot of funds and we have been very fortunate to have them with us and we have developed a pretty strong partnership with them.”